RDA Steering Committee

The St. Louis Regional Data Alliance is governed by a diverse Steering Committee, which guides the implementation of an 18-month startup strategy (2019-2020), the development of a three year strategic plan (2020-2023) and includes these stellar representatives:



Matt Bernstine
Washington University

John Cruz
RDA Co-Chair

Regina Greer
United Way 211

Kacey Cordes Mahrt
U.S. Bank CDC

Bruce Sowatsky
Community and Children’s Resource Board of St. Charles

Rebecca Bowen
East St. Louis School District 189

Lori Fiegel
St. Louis County

Elizabeth Hoester
Vision for Children at Risk

Bernadette Marion
Metro Transit

Luther Tyus
Community Representative

Allie Cicotte
Clark-Fox Family Foundation

Karishma Furtado
Forward Through Ferguson

Dan Hutti
East-West Gateway

Mohith Rao

Emily Uzzle
United Way

Sarah Coffin
St. Louis University

Laura Ginn
St. Louis City
RDA Co-Chair

Sarah Kennedy
Generate Health

Jane Schaefer
BJC HealthCare

The St. Louis Regional Data Alliance is goverened by its Steering Committee Charter, which outlines the roles and responsibilities of the Steering Committee, Membership, and Backbone Staffing (UMSL).